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Application of FRP

- Jul 25, 2017 -

The application of FRP composites in civil engineering has been rapidly increasing, which can be used for seismic and reinforcing reinforcement of columns, walls, beams, slabs and panels, and new reinforced components, structural forms and structural systems are being researched, developed and applied.

1. Construction projects

Structural design is being shifted to performance-based design, and the requirements for structure and material performance are improved. FRP materials have been used in the construction of new structure to improve its structural performance, but also used in the old civil building repair and reinforcement.

2. Geotechnical Engineering

FRP fiber composites have good corrosion resistance under long term conditions and have been widely used in reinforced soil. FRP composite materials are easy to be cut off, so it can be used in Shield tunneling shaft concrete wall, soil nails and temporary support of composite material anchors, such as steel anchors will lead to the excavator head fracture. Because of the low price of GFRP composite materials, easy installation and strong durability, it has been used in the alternating wet and dry retaining walls, ground anchors and shotcrete tendons.

3. Bridge Engineering

FRP composite materials used in bridge engineering began in the late 70 and the early 80 's. It can be used as the prestressed tendons in cable and prestressed concrete bridge of suspension bridge and cable-stayed bridge, even in the whole bridge system.

4. Offshore structures and offshore structures

The corrosion problem of offshore structure and coastal structure has been outstanding, especially for steel structure, so using FRP with good corrosion resistance can solve this problem well and has a good prospect. The Marine reinforced concrete structure under construction, using the thickest concrete protective layer (usually about 150mm, equivalent to 5 times times of the protective layer of land concrete structure) and anti-corrosion measures, it has only about 15 years to corrosion of internal rebar, which is far from permanent or semi-permanent marine structure durability requirements. The use of FRP concrete or FRP concrete composite structure can fundamentally solve the problem of steel (steel) corrosion in ocean engineering, its significance is self-evident.

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