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Forming Technology of FRP

- Jul 25, 2017 -

There are many methods for forming process of FRP. One of the most simple and easy to learn manual paste method, there are relatively easy to establish the molding process forming method; also have to undergo a special design, professional manufacturing of filament winding molding methods; Some of the more comprehensive injection, vacuum, preformed reinforcement material or preset cushion material of several molding methods, and in order to achieve the product performance indicators designed and manufactured, computer-controlled advanced automated molding methods.

Thus, there are many kinds of molding methods of FRP products, their technical requirements vary greatly, and their requirements for raw materials, molds, equipment investment, and so on, are different, of course, the volume and quality of the products they produce will not be the same.

At home and abroad commonly used in the production of FRP molding methods, has hand lay-up molding technology, injection molding technology, molding process, molding process, filament winding molding technology, winding pipe forming process, bag pressing molding technology, resin casting and injection molding process, RTM molding process, pultrusion molding process, sheet and pipe continuous molding process, enhanced reaction injection molding process, elastomer storage molding process, as well as bonding and bonding technology, sandwich structure production technology.

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