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GFRP in China

- Dec 20, 2017 -

At present, there are 34 cities in the China carrying out rail transit construction, involving as many as 110 routes, according to 20 lines under construction each year, only the shield construction will need 36.96 ~ 59.84 Million meters. Coupled with other underground construction shield construction, the demand is considerable. Nowadays, the state is carrying out infrastructure construction such as "One Belt and One Road". The demand for bridges, highways and other roads is invaluable. In the future, more cities will surely join the ranks in order to meet the demands of urban development and the convenience of people's daily travels. 

Application Road and bridge construction, two-way six lanes (width 25 meters) pavement, will consume about 51 million meters per km of fiberglass (GRP) reinforcement(depend on the reinforcement ratio and the number of layers of steel mesh). Airport, parking lot, port terminal, dam and other sea dam concrete structures, the amount of at least 40 meters per square meter (two layers of steel mesh). 

Fiberglass (GRP) full-threaded bolt is mainly used in coal mining support, especially the large-scale application of fully mechanized mining operations. Affected by the strength of the anchor rod, although currently limited to coal gangs, it takes 12.6-14.4 mt to mine 1 million tons of coal and 3.68 billion tons of coal in 2013. According to this estimation, the annual demand is about 46.4-53 million Meter.

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