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GFRP Rebar

- Oct 20, 2017 -

FRP Rebar 
Glass reinforced plastic (GFRP) Rebar is made of high-strength glass fiber and polyester resins, vinyl ester resins and epoxy resin by pultrusion and winding technology.
(1)Explosion-proof, anti-static: there is no sparks when cutting, and extremely beneficial for roadway safety construction.
(2)Strong tensile strength: the strength of carrying capacity is high.
(3)Easy to operate: easy to use in tight spaces, such as tunnels and mines.
(4)Easy to cut: it can protect the cutting machine
(5)Light-weight: Weighs is only 1/4 of the same specification steel. Thereby reducing the transportation costs and making it easier for construction
(6)Anti-aging, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
(7)Strong material combination: coefficient of thermal expansion is more close to cement compared with steel so the bond stress is more stronger between FRP geosynthetics and concrete.
(8)Strong designability: stable elasticity modulus, stable size under thermal stress, bending and other shapes can be any thermoformable.
(9)Strong performance of through waves: it's a kind of non-magnetic materials, and it do not need demagnetize in concrete structures of non-magnetic or electromagnetism.
(1)Reinforcement for subgrade strengthening
(2)Anticorrosive reinforcement is used for pier and seawall.
(3)Building reinforcement is used for medical.
(4)Subway platform reinforcement
(5)Bridge reinforcement.
(6)Smelting bottom reinforcement
(7)Military build body reinforcement
(8)Temporary basis reinforcement
3.The general mechanical parameter index of FRP rebar


Tensile strength of the standard value   fg/Mpa

Shear strength   fg/Mpa

Ultimate strainε/%

Elastic Modulus






?16≤d< ?25






Note: The guaranteed rate of  standard value rate for tensile strength is above 95%.

High performance index of FRP rebar can be customized according to customer requests.

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