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Glass Fibre Reinforced Ploymer (GFRP) Rebars

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Product Description

FRP Rebar
Keywords: fiber glass rebar     fiber reinforced plastic rebar    basalt rebar
Fiber rebar is a new composite material, with glass fiber or basalt fiber as reinforcement material and pulling resin and assistance as glue material, formed through pulling and traction.
1.  Apply in corrosion environment of sewage treatment plant, chemical factory, electrolytic bath, sea engineering.
2.  Apply in the insulation demagnetizing environment of military engineering, closed security engineering and special engineering.
3.  Widely apply in the construct surface of road, bridge, airport, dock, and station, hydraulic engineering and underground engineering.
1.  Light weight: 1/4 weight of the rebar.
2.  High tensile strength: stronger 20% than same specification rebar.
3.  Corrosion resistance: anticorrosion to chemicals like acid and alkali.
4.  Penetrate magnetic wave: better penetrability to electromagnetic and microwave.
5.  Strong bonding: thermal expansion coefficient closer to concrete than rebar, better bond stress.
Tensile strength 20% higher than same specification steel.
6.  Expansion coefficient close to concrete, bond stress and anchorage force better then steel.

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