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High Quality Gfrp/FRP Hollow Rock Bolt for Mining Roadway Supportting

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Basic Info

Product Description


Antop Global Technology Co., Ltd. pultruded Rock Bolt comes with a surface roughened by helical winding or textured surface for enhanced shear bonding between the grout and the rod with high-pressure injection moulded thread and composite nut. 

★ High strength and impact toughness 
★ Non-Corrosive 
★ Outstanding anchorage capability. 
★ Excellent performance in high deformation ribs.
★ Installed with standard techniques and equipment.
★ Easily handled and transported. 
★ Fire resistant and anti-static rating.
★ Cutability without the danger of sparks.



(1)Reinforcement for subgrade strengthening

(2)Anticorrosive reinforcement is used for pier and seawall.

(3)Building reinforcement is used for medical.

(4)Subway platform reinforcement

(5)Bridge reinforcement.

(6)Smelting bottom reinforcement

(7)Military build body reinforcement

(8)Temporary basis reinforcement

Standard FRP Polyester Anchor Bolt Series

Product Part No.Diameter (mm)Bolt Ultimate load (KN)Thread Ultimate Load (KN)Cross Section (mm2)Ultimate Tensile Strenght (Mpa)Torsion (Nm)Weight (g/m)Modulus of elasticity (GPa)Ultimate sheer strenght (Mpa)Bending strenght (Mpa)Elongation at break (%)Antistatic value  ()













Remark:Can be customized with ultimate strenght design related products



Company Infomation:

Antop Global Technology Co., Ltd. Is the leading FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and carbon fiber profiles supplier in  China . We specialize in the research and development of molding technology of fiberglass pulling and extruding, FRP gratings and pultruded profiles as well as designing, manufacturing and sales of fiberglass and carbon fiber products.

With SGS & REACH certifications, all our products are strictly controlled under international quality management system, including manufacturing, inspecting, testing etc.

Simpler and more efficient operation as well as our highly knowledgeable, experienced technical sales team works together to make sure that you get the best and real-time services.

Antop Global Technology Co., Ltd. strongly focuses on providing our clients with both valuable products and professional services. With its nearly 20 years history, Liweida has developed to be a mature, reputable and leading FRP profiles supplier both at home and abroad. Our products including Alkali-Free Fiberglass Direct Roving, Thermoplastic Assembled Roving, Carbon Fiber, pultruded GFRP (Glass-fiber-reinforced polymer), CFRP (Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer) and KFRP (Kevlar-fiber-reinforced polymer) rods, tubes, strips, complex profiles, structural platforms, parts of vehicles, brackets of electrical appliances, rails, ladders, grating, roll-wrapped tubes, cableways, etc. Which mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Australia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. Extensive combinations of different reinforcements including glass fiber, carbon fiber as well as fiberglass-carbon fiber hybrid and resin matrixes such as polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxy and polyurethane are available. Our products are widely used in the fields of chemical corrosion resistance, projects of vehicles, projects of bridge, construction, sports, electronics, medical equipment, model toys thermoelectric engineering as well as civil engineering, so on and so forth.

Equipped with professional technicians, Liweida not only provides FRP products with good quality, but also OEM/ODM services. Customers only need to provide the engineering drawings, Liweida is able to make the design and to manufacture the most appropriate and economic products for you.

Contact us today, we will start an everlasting business collaboration with you for mutual benefit.

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