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High Strength Pultruded FRP Construction Rebar, Fiberglass /GRP Rebar

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Basic Info


  • Color: Multi-Color

  • Forming Way: Pultrusion

  • Type: FRP Rebar

  • Price: Competitive

  • Production Lead Time: 15-30 Working Days

  • Trademark: ANTOP GFRP

FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) composite rebar is made of  high strength glass fibers along with an extremely durable resin.

Non-Corrosive- will not corrode exposed to a wide variety of corrosive elements including chloride ions.
High Strength-to-Weight Ratio- provides good reinforcement in weight sensitive applications.
Non-Conductive- provides excellent electrical and thermal insulation.
Excellent Fatigue Resistance- performs very well in cyclic loading situations.
Good Impact Resistance- resists sudden and severe point loading.
Magnetic Transparency- not affected by electromagnetic fields; excellent for use in MRI and other types of electronic testing facilities.
Light Weight- easy to be transported, no need of lifting equipment, saving high machine and manual cost.



(1)Reinforcement for subgrade strengthening

(2)Anticorrosive reinforcement is used for pier and seawall.

(3)Building reinforcement is used for medical.

(4)Subway platform reinforcement

(5)Bridge reinforcement.

(6)Smelting bottom reinforcement

(7)Military build body reinforcement

(8)Temporary basis reinforcement

The general mechanical parameter index of FRP rebar


Tensile strength of the standard value   fg/Mpa

Shear strength   fg/Mpa

Ultimate strainε/%

Elastic Modulus






?16≤d< ?25






Note: The guaranteed rate of  standard value rate for tensile strength is above 95%.


Equipped with professional technicians, ANTOP not only provides FRP products with good quality, but also OEM/ODM services. Customers only need to provide the engineering drawings,ANTOP is able to make the design and to manufacture the most appropriate and economic products for you.

Contact us today, we will start an everlasting business collaboration with you for mutual benefit.

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