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Production Technology of FRP

- Jul 25, 2017 -

The production method of FRP is basically divided into two kinds, namely wet contact type and dry process pressure forming. If according to the characteristics of the process, hand lay-up molding, laminated molding, RTM, extrusion, molding, winding molding. Hand lay-up also includes hand lay-up, bag pressing, spray method, wet-paste low pressure method and no-die hand lay-up method.

Currently the most used molding methods in the world have the following four kinds.

① Hand Paste Method: The main use of countries have Norway, Japan, the United Kingdom, Denmark and so on.

② Spraying method: The main use of countries are Sweden, the United States, Norway and so on.

③ Molding Method: The main use of countries have Germany and so on.

④RTM Law: The main use of countries have Europe and the United States, Japan.

China has more than 90% of the FRP products are hand-lay-up production, others have molded, winding method, lamination method. Japanese hand lay-up still accounts for 50%. From all over the world, hand lay-up still accounts for a considerable proportion, indicating that it still has vitality. Hand lay-up is characterized by wet-state resin molding, simple equipment, less cost, one can paste more than 10m of the overall product. The disadvantage is that the mechanization is low, the production cycle is long and the quality is unstable. With the development of FRP industry, the new technology will continue to emerge with the introduction of pultrusion, spraying, winding and other process equipments from abroad.

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