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Technology of stabilizing soil slope with FRP screw-anchor combined with concrete frame beam

- Jul 25, 2017 -

The technology adopts new type of FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic, simply GFRP)

reinforcing soil slope by screw anchor and concrete frame beam. FRP Screw anchor is composed of GFRP anchor, GFRP rod body and anchor tail, and the three parts are connected by wedge-type structure to form a whole component which is subjected to drawing force.

The advantage of the FRP screw anchor is that: The FRP has the advantages of light weight, high strength, small creep and corrosion resistance.

The corrosion ability is strong and can be used for permanent engineering; The special structure of the anchor rod is used to make the GFRP rod body not withstanding the torque during the anchoring process. Therefore, the cross-section of the rod body is smaller than the traditional steel screw bolt, thus saving the material; the lower anchor steel pipe can be used as the grouting pipe, so that the bottom anchor and the grouting are completed one at a time; the anchor bars composed of GFRP rods have good flexibility, easy to be transported by volume, and convenient

The FRP screw bolt and the slope protection concrete structure are assembled, and the special

Under the anchor machinery, can carry out the production industrialization and the construction mechanization, thus reduces the construction process, speeds up the construction speed.

Application scope: It can be used to reinforce various soil slopes, including expansive soil, red clay, loess and other special soil slopes.

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