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What is a GFRP

- Jul 25, 2017 -

GFRP (Glassfiber reinforced plastic, also known as GRP or FRP, the Chinese name glass fiber reinforced plastic, commonly known as FRP), is an organic nonmetal and inorganic non-metallic composite plastic matrix composite materials, including the body and strengthen the body two parts. GFRP has good electrical insulation performance and bonding performance, high mechanical strength and heat resistance, plasticity is extremely strong, forming shrinkage rate is small, the volume is lighter, the construction is convenient.

GFRP is a resin, is a thermosetting plastic, but also an organic non-metallic materials, including Epoxy (EP), phenolic resin (PF), etc., to play a binding role, accounting for the total weight of 65%-70%. GFRP reinforcement is glass fiber, play an enhanced role, is an inorganic non-metallic man-made inorganic fiber, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, roughly accounted for 30%-35% of the total weight.

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