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Advantages Of Polyester Fiber

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Polyester fiber has many excellent textile properties and taking performance, the use of a wide range of pure textiles can also be with cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other natural fibers blended together, so that a variety of different design is different, rapid blow, easy to clean and dry, wash can wear, washing can wear good imitation wool, imitation cotton, imitation silk, imitation linen fabric.

Suitable for men and women's shirts, jackets, children's clothes, upholstery fabrics and carpets, etc., because polyester fiber has good elasticity and fluffy, can also be used as a filler cotton polyester fiber. Industry High-strength Polyester fiber, can be used for tire curtain line, transport belt, fire water, rope, nets, etc., also used in electrical insulation, acid filter cloth and paper blankets and other polyester fiber Non-woven fabric used for indoor decoration, carpet backing, the pharmaceutical industry with cloth and flocculation of tons of cashmere, lining, polyester fiber, with excellent resistance to wrinkle, elasticity and dimensional stability, good electrical insulation performance, resistance to sunlight, friction, not bad not rot, with good chemical resistance, weak acid and weak base. At room temperature, there is a certain resistance to dilute acid ability, alkali resistance is poor. Polyester dyeing performance is poor, generally must be in the case of high temperature or carrier, the existing polyester fiber disperse dye dyeing. Polyester fiber fabrics are commonly used in some dresses, casual trousers, windbreaker-like dresses. Application of polyester fiber fabric and outdoor windbreaker. Therefore, polyester fiber fabrics in the apparel market has become increasingly popular.

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