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Experimental Study On Repairing Pavement Concrete Compound Admixture

- Jul 25, 2017 -

With the development of highway traffic in our country, the advantages of the cement concrete pavement carrying capacity, long service life and maintenance cost are more and more used in the high grade highway. However, the current situation of the transportation industry and the increase of overloaded vehicles, the concrete pavement after a period of use, there are many problems,

The main performance is as follows:

(1) The concrete strength is relatively low, so the rate is higher with the rapid speed.

(2) The plastic shrinkage deformation of concrete is larger. The double function of tensile stress produced by overloading overload and concrete shrinkage, early cracks, is not easy to repair, affecting the use of cement concrete pavement quality.

(3) Poor abrasion resistance of the surface. In the use of a short period of time, may appear large high-performance water-reducing agent wear, non-slip ability to reduce the impact of speed and driving safety.

(4) The concrete pavement is damaged after digging, and then put into use, the new and old concrete interface appears more extensive fracture, road surface water infiltration, causing other diseases. The treatment of pavement concrete, which is usually damaged, is repaired after Wachu and early-strength concrete, but it is found in engineering practice that the newly-built cement concrete pavement will soon be repeated. Therefore, on the basis of a large number of tests, the use of composite admixtures can significantly improve the performance of pavement concrete repair, effectively solve the problem of pavement concrete.

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