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Increase Innovation And Promote The Sustainable Development Of FRP Industry

- Jul 25, 2017 -

The Standing Committee of the Politburo, Vice Premier Li Keqiang, attended the opening ceremony of the 2012 annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia, and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Cohesion of consensus to promote healthy and sustainable development in Asia". He pointed out that China's expansion of domestic demand is under the conditions of opening up. China's domestic and foreign enterprises are equally committed to creating open and transparent, fair competition, predictable market and rule of law environment, increasing the protection of intellectual property, and promoting the common development of various enterprises in the transformation of innovation.

Li pointed out at the meeting that China is a member of the Asian family and that China's economy is inextricably linked to the Asian economy. China will also contribute to the health and sustainable development of Asia by adhering to the path of comprehensive and sustainable scientific development of the economy and society. In recent years, China's economy has continued to develop in the expected direction of macro-control, achieving steady and rapid economic growth and continuous improvement of people's livelihood. The fundamentals of China's economy are good, the development of the situation has not changed, the conditions to maintain long-term stable and rapid economic development.

In the rapid development of FRP industry today, sustainable development has been the problem of many entrepreneurs, innovation is a fundamental way of sustainable development, and constantly improve the management model, and constantly improve the level of enterprise management, increase the material support for product innovation, to create a positive working environment for everyone is also our common pursuit.

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