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Revival Of Automobile Industry Wakes Up New Material Application Of Polyester Fiber

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Polyester fiber According to market research forecasts, with the economic crisis gradually recovery, auto industry production growth momentum. It is expected to produce 11.7 million vehicles this year, and a total of 125,000 cars next year. This figure is more than the 2009 economic crisis, its peak of 8.6 million cars obvious, which means that nonwovens from the entire automotive industry development, get real benefits.

Customers willing to pay low weight

Some people think that the industry, in fact, has raised the problem of nonwoven products in the auto industry in the past few years because of low yields, giving them the opportunity to slow down their study of new materials, such as nonwovens. Now, as the economy recovers, designers are fighting, preparing to use new materials and designs that will be the difference between their products and other products in the marketplace.

"The main factor is cost and weight, and the price of gasoline in Europe is very high, so they are very concerned, even in G-meter, not only a catty counter weight loss, if you can provide a beautiful, low VOC (organic volatile) performance, but also polyester fiber has light substances, they are willing to pay this price point. "said Robert Roberteller, president of the consulting firm.

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