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The Key Technology Of Glass Fiber GFRP Breakthrough 5 Micron

- Jul 25, 2017 -

GFRP Electronic glass fiber is getting thinner, with the circuit boards it makes more and more thin, if put these circuit boards, mobile phones, computer input, not only can make them form a powerful, will have more pockets, even like handkerchiefs, optional folding. Yesterday, the city's Science and Technology Committee at a news conference said that the first breakthrough in China 5 micron glass fiber key technology, reached the international advanced level, successfully broke the foreign monopoly.


5 Micron Fiberglass production technology has been kept in hand, the United States

Electronic glass fiber As the core raw materials, the basic components of a variety of electronic products, in the mobile phone, computer, television, and even in the aerospace field of precision instruments have been a lot of applications.

"Fine fiberglass, High-tech applications. "Relevant professionals, the current domestic common main 9 micron glass fiber production technology, can only meet the general TV and performance requirements of relatively low mobile phones and other production needs." and state-of-the-Art 5 micron fiberglass production technology, which was previously held in Japan and the United States. "This means that domestic electronics to the high-end, can only rely on imports, and pay a higher than the expected cost of dozens of times times the cost." "he said.

Therefore, the development of ultra-fine electronic grade glass fiber and fabric, breaking the glass fiber raw material selection optimization, glass cloth invasive technical problems, so that glass fiber material accuracy reached 5 microns, to meet high-end electronic product performance needs.

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