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What Factors Will Affect The Price Of GFRP

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Glass fiber reinforced plastic(GFRP) is made of high-performance fiber and synthetic resin matrix, curing agent formed by the appropriate molding process, due to the large number of glass fiber reinforced models can be customized according to customer requirements, the specific price also need to be based on the actual product information To be sure.

The price of Glass fiber reinforced plastic(GFRP) by the price of raw materials, the price of glass fiber and resin directly determines the production cost of fiberglass, glass fiber and resin price changes, the price of glass fiber tendons will be changed accordingly. The price of glass fiber reinforced by the impact of market demand, the greater the market demand, the higher the price of glass fiber tendons, for less than the demands, product prices will inevitably rise.

The price of glass fiber reinforcement is also affected by the national policies and the development and changes of related industries. When the price of Glass fiber reinforced plastic(GFRP) rises due to the influence of these factors, some manufacturers try to lower the price to attract buyers by reducing costs, although the manufacturers of fiberglass tendons lower than the market price, but the quality of the product can not be guaranteed.

From the manufacturer's point of view, when the glass fiber reinforced plastic raw materials prices or other related factors resulting from changes in costs resulting from the increase, the first thing to stick to is the quality of products, raw materials, purchase standards and production processes can not be a slightest drop, Only to ensure the quality of enterprise products can establish a corporate brand. With the increasingly fierce market competition, more and more manufacturers of glass fiber reinforcement, but can adhere to the quality of the products are not many enterprises. Antop Global since its inception, insisted on selling the best products to customers, over the years, no product quality problems with a lot of customers and Antop Global has established long-term and stable relations of cooperation.

In the purchase of Glass fiber reinforced plastic(GFRP), we must first understand the market, to understand the market price of GFRP have a certain price, you can collect relevant information through the network, you can also consult directly to multiple manufacturers, be aware of .

Buy GFRP need to understand the product information, the production of GFRP Antop Global has the following characteristics:

The shape of the GFRP should be in the form of threads. The surface of the threaded rod body should be uniform in texture, free of bubbles and cracks. The thread shape should be regular and the tooth pitch should be neat and should not be damaged.

The density of GFRP is between 1.9 g / cm3 and 2.2 g / cm3.

The nominal GFRP ranges from 10mm to 36mm. The recommended nominal diameter of GFRP is 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm and 32mm. The overall dimensions, tolerances and straightness are generally less than 20 diameter plus or minus 0.2mm, straightness less than or equal to 3%, 20-30 plus or minus 0.3mm, straightness less than or equal to 4%, 20-30 plus or minus 0.4 mm, straightness less than or equal to 4%.

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